About Us

SlapHappy BBQ in Birmingham, AL, was founded in 2011 under the concept that businesses should offer a quality product and create positive memories. Pernell Williams, Patrick Jackson and Donald Heard created this concept after numerous hours of grilling and debating the art of grilling and the sauce that made it special.

What we found was the cooking process enhanced the bonding and friendships that we remembered with our own families and friends growing up. We decided to create a sauce with a flavor everyone would remember. We included high-quality ingredients and several spices not found in most sauces.

We decided we needed a name that represented high quality and happiness. The name would make you smile at the mention of it and the taste would make you “feel the flavor.”

SlapHappy BBQ is more than a sauce, it’s a way of life!

Contact us at info@slaphappybbq.com   to order a few bottles and find out what everyone is raving about!